Build your Business 

around your Purpose 

Follow A Proven Step-by-Step Plan forWomen Entrepreneurs who are Ready to live a life they DESIRE!

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Become very clear about what you DESIRE ! 

Develop a strong mindset for growth and possibilities, where fear is replaced by excitement, where imposture syndrome gives place to self-love and confidence.

Set up efficient and automated tools that will lift your hassles and bring you daily organizational serenity and smoothness.

Build a powerful digital presence aligned to your perfectly crafted services. 

Make sales easy and fun. 

This is your permission to live the life you have envisioned for yourself.

Online Community


(Launch: Sept. 2024) FR Only
Access tools right away to address your growth needs, whether personal or professional. Set up systems for your company, set up habits for yourself. Pick what suits you best

  • Step by step exercises
  • Online Community Support
  • Monthly Live Q&A & New Material
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Get a personalized program during 3 months. Create the desired vision of your life, address your doubts and struggles, build your pillars to grow in your personal life and in your professional life. 

  • Weekly meetings
  • In person and online support
  • Personalized exercises
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1297€/October Retreat

(Next dates: Oct 6-8th)
Your best Return on Investment is investing time for yourself. Slow down to gain clarity and confidence. Over the course of a few days, you'll deep dive with yourself and peers to reconnect to your priorities and desires.

  • Groups Workshops 
  • Wellbeing Sessions
  • Buddy Accountability
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Let me remind you that YOU are an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G person. 

You are allowed to create the business and the daily life YOU dream of,  

to dream of a smoothly organized business

to dream of a harmonious lifestyle.

This is your TIME and CHANCE to live the life you desire!

 How can you get there ?

woman walking on pathway during daytime


Clear Documentation

Organized Intranet & Handbooks

Internal & External documentation


Structure your company, onboard, scale, sell, improve your processes

pink and white wireless headphones

Develop your SELF GROWTH

Mindset Growth

Powerful habits

Focus & Priorities

Professional Growth

Lead your company for growth, set strong foundations, prep for success

two women using laptops

Create your SYSTEMS

Review of Systems

Automatisation & Simplification



Increase sales, connect with leads, simplify your admin & accounting

What you should know

1. ​Detailed, precise and updated internal documentation is one of THE most valuable foundations of your company

2. Focus on the essential: create value for your company and your clients

​ 3. Shape and create your leadership to drive your company into its next step

Let's meet

This is a kind reminder:

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a simple step.

Be reassured, I'll guide you along the way.

My name is

Pauline Dubois.

Founder & CEO of Microsteps

I launched my first business, CURA Services, at the age of 26. As a ex-financial auditor working at a large BIG 4 Corporation, I structured my first company to sail against all waters. Within 8 years, I onboarded employees and freelances, successfully sold a portion of my shares to an investor, went through the COVID pandemic and finally successfully again sold my Startup to a French listed-company. 

Empowering entrepreneurs has always driven me: I mentor entrepreneurs, assist ambitious business leaders in laying the foundations for their business growth, and facilitate conferences on the same topic. In 2023, I delivered my first TEDx talk on the theme of mental health. A mother of three children, in a relationship, I emphasize the importance of priorities in business and personal well-being

Today, if our paths have crossed, it's because You're ready! And I am ready to support you!

With all my energy and motivation,

Yours truly,