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We empower individuals to grow, not only as professionals but as whole human beings. We're here to help you and your organization unlock your full, unique potential using small, actionable tools and habits. Join us on a journey of personal and professional development that contributes to your success and the success of your organization.

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The Ten Pillars of Microsteps


Workshop: The Power of Gratitude

Key Outcome: Stress reduction

How: Being present and aware of your thoughts, feelings, and surroundings without judgement.


Workshop: Find Your Why

Key Outcome: Increased job satisfaction & clearer career path

How: Identifying a clear reason for being that provides direction and meaning to one's life and work.

Sleeping habits

Workshop: The Power of Sleep

Key Outcome: Improved productivity and concentration 

How: Consistent sleep schedule and adequate duration to support physical and mental health.


Workshop: Nourish Your Life - Food as Power Supply

Key Outcome: Increased energy levels 

How: Learning about eating a balanced diet that provides essential nutrients at appropriate times throughout the day.

Movement & Nature

Join our Mindful Walk in Nature

Key Outcome: Enhanced physical and mental health 

How: Regular physical activity helps maintain physical health, reduces stress & anxiety, and improves cognitive function.


Workshop: Relationship with Money

Key Outcome: Reduced financial stress 

How: Having a positive and informed mindset towards money promotes informed financial decisions and reduces anxiety and stress, and avoid impulsive or emotional spending.


Workshop: Speak with Impact

Key Outcome: Effective teamwork & better public speaking

How: Clear and effective communication fosters mutual understanding, builds trust and respect, and enhances collaboration and teamwork.

Environment & Habitat

Workshop: Conscious Habitat - Harmonize My Home and Workspace

Key Outcome: Positive surroundings

How: A positive personal environment, including relationships and physicalsurroundings, promotes emotional well-being, reduces stress and enhances overall quality of life.


Workshop: Breath your way through the Day

Key Outcome: Anxiety reduction

How: Learning to breathe properly and mindfully can reduce stress, anxiety, and blood pressure, improve immune function, and enhance mental clarity and focus.


Workshop: Train Your Mind

Key Outcome: Improved performance & better habits

How: A positive and growth-oriented mindset can improve motivation, resilience, creativity, and job satisfaction, leading to higher performance and success in personal and professional life.

We provide a holistic approach to unleashing human potential.
Prices exclude VAT - Well-being Credits have a maximum 12 months validity
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Unique Value Proposition 

Maximise your Human Capital

We save your Time 

We have been testing and selecting the best workshops and speakers for over 3 years.

We reduce your Costs

Attendees give 100% attention to a workshop that addresses their needs. 

We help you use your budget wisely. 

We facilitate Connections

Our limited numbers of seats in our inter-company workshops encourage peer learning and networking 

Why Attend our Workshops?

Reduced Stress Levels
Microsteps helps reduce stress levels and absenteeism by providing access to resources and support for mental health.
Improved Productivity
Improve productivity and overall organizational performance by providing employees with the tools and resources they need to stay healthy and focused.
Increased Engagement
Microsteps helps increase employee engagement by providing them with the opportunity to take part in activities that promote physical and mental wellbeing.

When leaders and managers begin to live out a clear, consistent, aligned culture that inspires high commitment, 

Employees begin to believe in and live out the organization’s purpose in their daily work, ultimately delivering on their brand promise in a genuine and powerful way.

*Gallup’s Approach to Culture | Building a Culture That Drives Performance 

Reflect on this:

Average annual cost of a disengaged employee

* IBET 2021 study

Less turnover in highly committed companies

* Gallup: The Right Culture : Not Just About Employee Satisfaction

Absenteeism among committed employees is 41% lower

*Gallup’s Approach to Culture | Building a Culture That Drives Performance

Business units with engaged workers have 23% higher profit*

*Gallup: State of the Global Workplace: 2022 Report

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